The Fog Of War

This scenario is intended for the campaign/tourny elsewhere in this web of B-Tech documents. But feel free to use it as a standalone scenario (just try to make sure each side has same tonnage of 'Mechs).


This scenario is meant for Recon/Light Lances only (total 200 tons and under)

Need 2 standard battletech maps. The maps should be set up widthwise and parallel. Set the maps up as follows:

         |                     |                     |
         |  hhh                |                hhh  |
         | hhh                 |                 hhh |
         |  hh h               |               h hh  |
        W|  hhh    L           |         L      hhh  |E
        e|  h     LL           |        LL        h  |a
        s| hh    LLL           |       LLL        hh |s
        t|        L            |        L            |t
         |       L LL          |       L LL          |
         | hhh     L           |         L       hhh |
         | h  h                |                h  h |
         |  h                  |                  h  |
         | hhhh                |                hhhh |

L = water hexes
h = hill/Level 1 - 3 hexes

Once the maps are set, roll for initiative to determine who sets up first. Winner of initiative choses if they wish to set up first or second. Once this has been determined, alternate sides, with each side setting up one 'Mech at a time until all 'Mechs are completely set up.

Since only a single lance is being used on each side, each player decides which two 'Mechs will start the game on the map, and which two will be off-map. The person who lost initiative is considered to be the 'Defender'; the person who won initiative is considered to be the 'Attacker'. The Defender sets up his 2 'Mechs within 5 hexes of the West edge of the western map. The Attacker likewise sets up the same but on the eastern map and map edge. The Defender's 2 off-map 'Mechs may enter the game from the West edge any time after Turn 1. The Attacker's 2 off-map 'Mechs may enter the game any time after Turn 1.

Each side must also secretly place a small depot or cache of parts/supplies. Record where this is located. The cache may not be placed in any water hexes. It may be seen/detected by any enemy 'Mech which has a line-of-sight visual to it. Level 1 or higher terrain will block the line of sight, as will two or more light woods hexes. 1 heavy woods hex will also block the line of sight, unless the cache is in the heavy woods hex and there is no other intervening terrain to the enemy 'Mech(s) in question. The cache can sustain up to 20 pts of damage before being destroyed. It is in and of itself worth no points. It is only available in case one of the Mission Objectives dealing with it is rolled for.

During the course of the game, at the end of each turn, each player keeps track of the number of surviving 'Mechs he has in 'enemy territory' (on the far map). At the end of the game total up the numbers for each turn. If a player rolled for the 'Aggression Objective' as one of his objectives and has a higher total than his opponent, he wins the Aggression Objective mission. If not, too bad.

The scenario ends after 10 turns

Scenario Objective

This scenario has many different objectives. Each side will have its own set of goals for its mission, goals which are unknown to the enemy. There are 11 different Missions. Each side secretly rolls 2d6 and subtract 1 (to generate a number between 1 and 11) twice, rerolling any duplicate rolls to generate two different Mission Objectives (which may or may not be the same). The first roll is the Primary Mission Objective. The second roll is the Secondary Mission Objective. If by some chance the two mission objectives conflict, the player(s) may choose to concentrate on only one objective. Also, players may operate to thwart the opponent's mission objectives. This may be done in addition to or in lieu of completing their own Mission Objectives.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Exit three or more 'Mechs off the opposite map edge (they are penetrating behind enemy flank, gathering intelligence)
  2. Eliminate at least 2 enemy 'Mechs (inflicting unacceptable losses)
  3. Take and hold either one of the water holes on the maps (reinforcements will be arriving soon and will need the water for cooling and refueling)
  4. Locate and destroy the enemy cache (destroy supplies for advanced units)
  5. Aggression Objective! (making your presence felt in enemy territory)
  6. Disable one enemy 'Mech and capture the pilot for interrogation. The pilot can move 1 hex a turn, cannot fire, and cannot voluntarily be killed (ie, the player controlling the pilot cannot opt to have the pilot die to avoid capture)
  7. Locate and capture the enemy cache (free supplies if you escape!). In order to capture the cache, a 'Mech must have two free hands (hatchets and hand-carried weapons are ignored, but cannot be used, either). The 'Mech must spend 1 complete turn adjacent to the cache in order to pick it up. It may fire no weapons other than rear-firing ones. The cache must be brought to the far half of the friendly side of the map to be considered captured. Depending on the size of the 'Mech movement may be reduced as follows:
    Light 'Mechs (<40 tons): -3 to movement
    Medium 'Mechs (<60 tons): -1 to movement
    Heavy and Assault 'Mechs: no movement penalty
    LAMs: costs 4 movement to take off and land, in addition to above. The LAM must land on the friendly side of the board with the cache in order to achieve this Objective.
    If this is rolled as a Secondary Objective, and 'destroy enemy cache' is rolled as the Primary Objective, the player must switch these Objectives around
  8. Drive off the enemy 'Mechs from the mapboards, or eliminate them entirely
  9. Prevent the capture/destruction of your own cache (it may not be moved once the game begins)
  10. Keep enemy 'Mechs 'contained' to their side of the map; no single enemy 'Mech can be allowed on the friendly side of the map for three or more consecutive turns.
  11. Have a 'Mech climb to any Level 3 (or higher) terrain hex on the opposite map and remain there without fighting for 3 consecutive turns (observint enemy positions)
Victory Conditions and Point Allocations

For each player who accomplished their Primary Mission Objective, their surviving 'Mechs gain 1/2 pt. For each player who accomplished their Secondary Mission Objective, their surviving 'Mechs gain 1/4 pt. If a player accomplishes both of his Mission Objectives and prevents the enemy player from accomplishing either of his Mission Objectives, that player's surviving 'Mechs gain an additional 1/2 pt.

It is possible that each side can retire from battle claiming victory. Such is the case when in the Fog of War.

See campaign/tourny rules for kill points

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