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3025 Company Rosters:
Galactic Grenadiers - 700 tons
Shadow Company - 700 tons
Phanton Rangers - 700 tons
Devine Wind - 500 tons
Karl's Nemean Lions - 700 tons
Karl's Nigel's Raiders - 500 tons
3050 Company Rosters:

Campaign/'Tourny' Rules


Capture The Flag
Wabbit Hunt
Bunker Defense
Slug Fest
Advanced Scenarios
The Fog of War
Water, Water, Everywhere
Bunker Defense II
Hot In The City
Arid Planet Battle (any scenario except 'Water, Water...')
Free-For-All (multi-player game)
Two-Headed Giant
Rocky Mountain High
The Long Patrol: A Mini-Campaign
Mission: Impossible!

Exploding 'Mech Rules - optional
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