Bunker Defense

This scenario is intended for the campaign/tourny elsewhere in this web of B-Tech documents. But feel free to use it as a standalone scenario (just try to make sure each side has same tonnage of 'Mechs).


You need battletech four maps. The Defender gets 1 river map and 1 lake map. The Attacker choses what two maps he wants (citytech maps are considered all clear, except woods hexes and level 0 water spots). The maps should be set up lengthwise and parallel

         |    Map A      ||    Map B      |
         |               ||               |
   river |....   ...  ...||...  ...@@     |lake
     map |    ...   ..   ||   ..   @@@    |  map
         |               ||               |
         |   Map C       ||   Map D       |
Decide either by die roll or mutual agreement who will be the Attacker, and who will be the Defender.

The Defender secretly hides (and records the location of) the bunker on either the river map or lake map. The bunker cannot be in a water hex. Once this is done the Attacker takes his two maps and sets them up, either in spots 'A' and 'B', or 'C' and 'D'. Once the maps are in place, the Defender sets up all his 'Mechs anywhere on his river and/or lake maps. Once the Defender 'Mechs are set the Attacker places his 'Mechs along the 'bottom' or 'top' map edge.

Scenario Objective

The Attacker must kill the bunker. The Defender must prevent this from happening.

The Attacker gets 2 Skulker wheeled scout tanks to assist in locating and destroying the bunker. They enter the scenario along with the Attacker 'Mechs. Nothing is held back.

The bunker is a Hardened 1-hex building, 1 level high. It can sustain 120 pts of damage before being destroyed. As a building, it is normally -4 to hit. The bunker may be placed in light woods or heavy woods to reduce the targetting bonus (to -3 and -2 respectively). Note this to hit roll is without movement modifiers by the firing unit(s), or any other modifiers that might apply. Indirect fire is at a +1 to hit.

Victory Conditions and Point Allocations

There are no aggression objective points.

The Defender gains 2 pts to each surviving 'Mech if he can keep the bunker from falling below 91 damage points, 1-1/2 pts to surviving 'Mechs if the bunker is between 61 and 90 damage pts, and 1 pt to each surviving 'Mech if the bunker falls below 61 pts damage but is not destroyed (ie, 0 pts or less). The Attacker gets 1/2 pt to each surviving 'Mech if the bunker is destroyed. Normal kill points (see campaign/tourny rules) are also awarded. There are no aggressor objective/bonuses in this scenario.

The scenario ends after 10 turns.

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