Arid Planet Battle

This scenario is intended for the campaign/tourny elsewhere in this web of B-Tech documents. But feel free to use it as a standalone scenario (just try to make sure each side has same tonnage of 'Mechs).


Chose any scenario from the scenario list (except for "Water, Water..."). Apply the following arid region restrictions to that scenario.

Need battletech four maps, two identical pairs. Use 2 standard battletech maps and 2 citytech maps. City tech maps are considered all clear terrain, except woods hexes. All water hexes are considered to be empty. Level 0 water is standard normal clear terrain. Level 1 water hexes are a level -1 clear hexes. Level 2 water hexes are level -2 clear terrain. And so on and so forth. No matter the map used - there is no water!

The maps should be set up lengthwise, parallel and mirror-imaged. Set the maps up as follows:

           standard map      lake map
  ^      |      @        ||...  ..   @@   |
  |      | ,,,      ,,,  ||   ..  ..@@@   |
enemy    |_______________||_______________|border
friendly |---------------||---------------|  zone
   |     |   @@@..  ..   ||  ,,,      ,,, |
   v     |   @@   ..  ...||        @      |
           lake map         standard map
Once the maps are set, roll for initiative to determine who sets up first. Winner of initiative choses if they wish to set up first or second. Once this has been determined, alternate sides, with each side setting up one 'Mech at a time until all 'Mechs are completely set up.

The planet is not only arid (practically no water), but hot. Heat sinks operate at 51% capacity (ie, if a 'Mech has 10 heat sinks, it can only dissipate 5 heat points per turn), round up.

If a scenario calls for infantry, it's too hot for them to move far fast. For this scenario infantry (of whatever flavor) have a -1 to their firing range, and can only move 1/2 their movement, round up.

The scenario ends after 10 turns.

Scenario Objective

See whichever other scenario that was chosen.

Victory Conditions and Point Allocations

See campaign/tourny rules for kill points

In addition to normal kill points, there is a secondary objective: Aggression! At the end of each turn count the number of surviving friendly 'Mechs in enemy territory and record these numbers. Whomever has had more 'Mechs total in enemy territory by the end of the game gains +1/4 pt 'aggressor objective' for each surviving 'Mech.

Example of Aggressiveness Objective:

                Number of 'Mechs in Enemy Territory 
Turn           Charlie Company        Legion of Doom 
----           ---------------         --------------
 1                   9                       5
 2                   9                       6
 3                  10                       5
 4                  10                       5
 5                   6                       3
 6                   6                       4
 7                   5                       4
 8                   5                       3
 9                   5                       1
 10                  3                       0
                   ----                    ----
                    68                      36
Note that Charlie Company won the aggressive objective. So each 'Mech of Charlie Company that survived the game gets 1/4(aggressor) pts, plus any individual kill points. The Legion of Doom surviving 'Mechs only get kill points.
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