Well, this is a little trip report of a small cave adventure I went on earlier today. Apologies for not doing a wide-band invite; it was meant to just be a small party of a half dozen people or so. At the last minute all but one of the confirmed attendees bailed on me. Which may be just as well.

So, two intrepid people, Indy and Slow, braved the brightening day and not-too-chilly temps, and headed to...John Browns Cave: The Final Adventure.

The plan was to leave Indy's place at 8:30am. At 8:35am Indy's phone rang, "I hope you weren't counting on me being on time! I'll be there by 9:00a, 9:05a latest." Indy made a dash to the postoffice and then waited for the Slowman to show.

9:15a Slow showed, they packed the car and away they went.

10:30a the duo arrived at the base of the embankment below the cave. Indy and Slow got into their muddies and headed up the snow-covered hill, across the tracks, and...squeezed into the cave.

With only two people going, the cave was rather dark. Only four lights, not 20 or 30, to light up the cave. Yep, dark. The duo proceeded deeper into the cave.

In short order, barely 100' feet into the cave, Indy hear running water. Running water?? Uh-oh; might prove bad for going down to the river level passage, or doing the bathtub crawl...

The two pushed onward, and found the passage that led down to the river level tube. And it was already filled with water. Well, so much for pushing that part of the cave! (Indy and Slow weren't feeling up to swimming today, you see).

So the two moseyed on over to the parallel passage. Yep, water was running in the parallel passage, higher than normal. 'Hmmm. Could be bad,' Indy thought. Slow experienced fun negotiating the step down off the ledge into the parallel room.

The two decided to push the upper passage. Been a long time since Indy'd been up there. In joy, they found...the Devil's Crawl. Slow decided it looked particularly inviting, and invited Indy to go first. Indy looked at it, and decided to take the low road crawl.

And away he struggled. Grunting and groaning, moving as gracefully as he could in that tight half slanty passage. Soon he was on the far side, where it widened once again. Slow followed. "HEY!!! You didn't tell me about this ball-busting flake sticking up here!! Now the wife's going to know why we won't have children anytime soon..."

The two pushed onward until the passage took an abrupt upward turn. It was getting very humid and warm in there (air flow wasn't; it was getting foggy in the narrow passage. The going before them was steep and Indy, having been up there a few years ago, didn't want to repeat negotiating it. Slow was definitely not interested in this twisty turny passage: "I'm too tall for this stuff!"

Indy thought of Jen-vader.

The two went back to the main room and decided to follow the waterflow back into the cave. The going wasn't too bad, but the water level...was higher than Indy wanted. Yeah, the bathtub was definitely going to be wet.

Slow and Indy worked their way back, and arrived at the tube entrance to lead to the bathtub crawl...and it was *filled* with water. Well, so much for getting to the middle part of the cave. The two turned and went back, snapping a few photos along the way.

Throughout the entire venture, the duo found a distressing number of beer cans that had apparently been left behind by some fairly recent party. They were pretty much all over the cave. :-(

Eventually they returned to the link to the parallel passage and the front passage. As Indy popped across, he heard voices towards the cave entrance, and saw lights flashing about. Another party had apparently entered the cave. Well, they had it alone for a while; it had been a peaceful trip. It was time to...Indy heard a voice again, from up the passage.

"Hello??" he called out.

"Federal Officer!! Come out of there, now!"


The two fugitives made their way out of the cave. Indy popped out first, and was immediately interrogated. "Is there anyone else in there with you? Come across the tracks, now."

Slow finally squirmed out into the light, and joined Indy. The two were directed to decend the hill and go to the car. The Ranger dude demanded their IDs. Indy's was in the car; Slow's was on him. The Ranger took it, directed Indy to stand in front of the car, and had Slow search out Indy's ID. Yep, the two adventurers were obviously dangerous criminal fugitives.

"Do any of you have weapons?" Indy thought of his Swiss Army pocket knife, but decided not to say anything. Swiss Army pocket knife (aka, MacGyver tool) vs. Gun...ehh, no contest. "No," the two fugitives replied.

The Ranger directed Slow to stand beside Indy and went to his vehicle to file a detailed report. He then returned. "Crossing the railroad tracks is a serious offense. You're lucky I found you first. If the railroad police had gotten here before me, they would have hauled you straight to Baltimore. They don't give warnings. Your names and data are on file. We will be supplying the railroad police with this information. They may issue you a ticket. They may give you a double-fine. If you are caught here again, you will be arrested. Don't come back."

With that the Ranger left the two fugitive-adventurers standing, covered with mud, before Slow's car. "Whelp, so much for state park hospitality!"

The two changed out of their muddies, and headed back...to Baltimore. Looking for railroad police behind every bush.

Just a moment. There's a knock at my door...

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