primarily for use with Dirtside II

The United Nations Space Command has a considerable and formidable ground component to it. In an ever-increasingly hostile universe, the ground-pounders are needed in order to hold/defend territories/planets from aggressors, as well as engage in direct combat with other ground units of other powers, nations, and races.

The TO&E which follows deals primarily with the Colonial Armed Forces branch under UNSC command. Shortly after the Siege of Sol events in 2194, the UNSC was able to, at the behest of the Outrim Coalition, secure a limited ability to operate outside the Core Worlds in force. Not wanting to commit their main armies, the Colonial Armed Forces were created to fill this role. Because of this the CAF sees most of its combat in the Outworld regions, or on planets other than the Core Worlds. Occassionally some units may be found on an Inner World system performing temporary peacekeeping activities until other units better suited for such work can be brought in.

Due to their locations, resupply isn't always as available as one might like, or think, and maintenance - especially of high-tech systems - is often an issue. Therefore the CAF typically do not have massed amounts of the best or highest-tech troops or units available (e.g., the number of grav units is somewhat lower than of those forces stationed in the Core Systems). However, in combat capability, they can still generally hold their own with the Big Four.

While the soldiers in the UNSC may come from different nationalities, it is recognized that "the common good" is what is at stake here, and generally those with strong patriotic tendencies either self-subdue or the soldier in question is reassigned (usually temporarily) to a unit which will not place said soldier in direct conflict with units from their own nationality. Thus, units are often mixed in nationality, and this distinction is hereby ignored from this point on.

The UNSC Colonial Armed Forces is made up of 13 Divisions, scattered where they are needed amongst the Outrim Coalition that recognize the UNSC's limited jurisdiction (thus the entire CAF is rarely all together in the same system - much less involved in the same conflict). Each Division is comprised of 2-4 Brigades. The "Wild Cards Division" has two armored brigades and one infantry brigade. Plus assorted support sections and companies. This particular TO&E follows the structure of the 5th Armored ("Wild Cards") Division's 3rd Armored Brigade.

Each CAF Brigade is made up of 3-4 Battalions plus support sections and companies. Battalions are generally of 3-5 Companies. Each Company is usually made up of 3 Platoons, though some companies have as many as 4, or as few as 2.

The 3rd Armored Brigade

The 3rd is made up of 4 battalions: 2 Armored Battalions (the 42nd and the 357th) and 2 Mechanized Infantry Battalions (the "5th Element" and the "Fighting 9th"). In addition to this the 3rd has a heavy artillery battery, a medium artillery battery, a Headquarters company, a recon company, four Air Sections, one anti-air platoon, an Engineering company, and the 10th Armored Cavalry Troop for support.

The 42nd Armored Battalion - The "Ultimate Answer" Battalion

The 42nd is somewhat unusual in that it consists of 6 main companies: A-D Company are tank companies (each composed of 3 Tank Platoons of 4 tanks each), E Company is a Mechanized Infantry company and F Company is the artillery section. It also has a strong support section that contains a light recon company.

A Company

B Company The Black Company C Company The Steel Panzers D Company (elite) The Bloodguard E Company F Company HQ Section Support Assets:

Heavy Armor Platoon

Recon Company Engineering Section Air Support Section The 357th Armored Battalion

The 357th is another heavy armored battalion, consisting of 5 Companies plus support elements/sections.

A Company

B Company C Company D Company E Company Anti-Tank Missile Platoon

Recon Company

Engineering Section

Air Support Section

HQ Company