This page is nowhere near done, but will be someday. In the meantime, this is just a place for my notes, such as they are, for Full Thrust.

Brief background: the Shadows themselves are not much into fighting out in the open; they prefer to work behind the scenes, using Dark Servants and Minions to do their dirty work. Shadows rarely pilot Shadow Vessels of the sort depicted here.

Shadow Ships

Shadow Ships are organic partially aware vessels that resemble hideously evil black spiders or crabs. And they are rather huge. Where they come from, how they are grown, is pure speculation, but some believe they 'grow up' from being shadow fighters (see below).

Shadow Ships, while they are made of organic tech and highly intelligent in their own right, they cannot function alone. They need to merge with a sentient [being/creature] in order to be active. Otherwise they lie dormant. The sentient must be 'properly prepared', otherwise the Shadow Ship (and unprepared sentient) go insane (and generally go off on a rampage of death and destruction, including against their own kind).

The sentient being need not necessarily be a telepath, but it helps. On a roll of 1 or 2 (1d6) a given Shadow Vessel is commanded by a telepathic creature. The 'skill' level of the creature in question is determined by rolling 1d6 and adding 4. If a non-telepathic sentient is put in a Shadow Vessel, they automatically get a (defensive) telepathic level of '4' (0+4=....4!). See also Telepaths and Combat for additional details (Shadow Vessels may not engage in offensive telepathic attacks).

In essence, with the Shadow Ships being organic tech and self-aware, they can be treated to some degree like the Sa'Vasku from Full Thrust. With some exceptions/differences...

Full Thrust Stats for Shadow Ships:

Yes, these are hideously ugly, nasty, and not meant to be balanced for combat against normal Full Thrust/B5 ships! They should, by rights, eat normal FT/B5 ships for breakfast. But that doesn't mean they can't be defeated...
Shadow Fighters

Shadow Fighters are small 'baby' variants of their parent/mothership. They are apparently 'grown' inside the mothership and then ejected with other shadow fighters in a ball, which 'explodes' at a distance from the mothership, releasing the fighters.

Shadow Fighters are autonomous things. They generally do not have a sentient counterpart, and are considered expendable drones in this case (endurance should be 3 turns). If a Shadow Fighter is given a sentient being as its cpu, then its endurance becomes unlimited. Sentient beings inside Shadow Fighters are by scenario design only. Newly-born fighters should be considered 3-turn expendable drones, as given in the Sa'Vasku rules.

Full Thrust Stats for Shadow Fighters:

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