The Unofficial NSL Fleet Roster

** Destroyer Star Squadrons **
Designation Comprised of ~NPV ----------- ------------ ---- Destroyer Star Squadron 1 1xCL, 2xDD 361 Destroyer Star Squadron 2 3xDD 300 Destroyer Star Squadron 3 2xCL, 1xDD, 4xCT 610 Destroyer Star Squadron 4 1xCL, 2xDD, 2xFF 495 Destroyer Star Squadron 5 1xCE, 2xCL, 3xDD, 6xCT 1099 Destroyer Star Squadron 6 5xDD, 2xFF 634 Destroyer Star Squadron 7 2xDD, 1xFF, 3xCT 408 Destroyer Star Squadron 8 3xDD, 5xFF, 3xCT 776 Destroyer Star Squadron 9 1xCE, 3xCL, 4xDD, 3xFF, 2xCT 1373 Destroyer Star Squadron 10 2xCL, 2xDDG, 4xDD, 2xFF, 3xCT 1199 Destroyer Star Squadron 11 1xDD, 2xFF, 4xCT 422 Destroyer Star Squadron 12 4xDDG 404 Destroyer Star Squadron 13 1xCL, 3xDD, 2xFF, 3xCT 736 Destroyer Star Squadron 14 4xDD, 3xFF, 4xCT 789 Destroyer Star Squadron 15 5xDD 500 Destroyer Star Squadron 16 2xCL, 5xDDG, 4xFF, 2xCT 1189 Destroyer Star Squadron 17 1xCL, 3xDD, 1xFF, 1xCT 575 Destroyer Star Squadron 18 1xCE, 3xCL, 2xDD, 3xFF, 3xCT 1220 Destroyer Star Squadron 19 1xCE, 2xCL, 5xDD, 3xFF, 4xCT 1406 Destroyer Star Squadron 20 2xDD, 2xFF, 3xCT 475 Destroyer Star Squadron 21 2xCL, 3xDDG, 3xDD, 1xFF 992 Destroyer Star Squadron 22 1xDD, 2xFF, 1xCT 281 Destroyer Star Squadron 23 2xDD, 3xFF, 4xCT 589 Destroyer Star Squadron 24 2xCL, 5xDD, 2xFF, 3xCT 1097 Destroyer Star Squadron 25 2xDD, 4xFF, 5xCT 703 Destroyer Star Squadron 26 1xCE, 2xCL, 3xDD, 4xCT 1005 Destroyer Star Squadron 27 4xDD, 2xFF, 3xCT 675 Destroyer Star Squadron 28 2xCE, 3xCL, 2xDDG, 4xDD, 3xFF, 1864 4xCT Destroyer Star Squadron 29 1xCL, 3xDD, 1xCT 508 Destroyer Star Squadron 30 1xCL, 4xDD, 3xFF, 5xCT 997
** Cruiser Star Force **
Designation Comprised of ~NPV ----------- ------------ ---- Cruiser Star Force 1 2xCA, 1xCL, 2xDD 903 Cruiser Star Force 2 1xCA, 1xCL, 3xDD, 2xFF 866 Cruiser Star Force 3 1xBC, 2xCA, 2xDDG, 3xDD 1377 Cruiser Star Force 4 1xBC, 1xCA, 2xDD 804 Cruiser Star Force 5 1xBC+, 2xCA, 3xDD 922 Cruiser Star Force 6 1xCA, 1xCL, 2xDD, 2xFF 766 Cruiser Star Force 7 3xCA, 1xCE, 2xCL, 1xDD 1430 Cruiser Star Force 8 2xBC, 1xCA, 2xCL, 4xDD 1659 Cruiser Star Force 9 2xCA, 1xCL, 4xDD, 1xFF 1170 Cruiser Star Force 10 1xBC+, 2xCA, 1xCE, 2xCL, 4xDD 1810 Cruiser Star Force 11 1xBB, 2xBC, 2xCA, 1xCL, 4xDD, 2384 3xFF Cruiser Star Force 12 1xCA, 2xCL, 4xDD, 1xFF, 1xCT 1107 Cruiser Star Force 13 1xBC, 2xCL, 3xDD, 1xFF 1022 Cruiser Star Force 14 1xCA, 2xCL 593 Cruiser Star Force 15 1xCA, 5xDD, 2xFF 972 Cruiser Star Force 16 2xBC+, 1xBC, 2xCA, 3xCL, 5xDD, 2694 2xFF Cruiser Star Force 17 2xCA, 1xCL 703 Cruiser Star Force 18 1xBC+, 3xCA, 2xCL, 4xDD 1886 Cruiser Star Force 19 2xBC+, 1xCL, 3xDD, 1xCT 1604 Cruiser Star Force 20 3xBC, 1xCA, 2xDD, 2xFF 1604 Cruiser Star Force 21 2xCA, 2xCL, 4xDD, 2xFF 1398 Cruiser Star Force 22 1xCA, 2xDD 471 Cruiser Star Force 23 1xCA, 1xCE, 1xCL, 3xDD, 1xFF 994 Cruiser Star Force 24 1xBC, 1xCA, 2xCL, 3xDD, 2xFF 1360 Cruiser Star Force 25 1xBC+, 2xCA, 1xCE, 2xCL, 6xDD, 2211 3xFF
** Carrier/Battleline Task Groups **
Designation Comprised of ~NPV ----------- ------------ ---- First Fleet BTG-1 Von Tegetthoff 1xSDN, 2xBDN, 1xBB, 3xCA, 3320 + ftrs 1xCE, 1xCL BTG-2 2xSDN, 1xBDNE, 2xBDN, 2xBC, 5030 + ftrs 1xCVL, 1xCA, 4xCL CTG-1 1xCVA, 1xBDN, 2xBB, 2xBC+, 4006 + ftrs 4xCL, 4xDD, 2xFF, 1xCT, 3xScout CTG-2 1xCVA, 1xBDN, 1xCVL, 2xCA, 3379 + ftrs 1xCE, 2xCL, 8xFF, 3xCT CTG-3 2xCVA, 1xBDNE, 1xBB, 3xBC, 4677 + ftrs 2xCA, 2xCE, 1xDD, 3xFF, 7xScout CTG-4 1xCVA, 1xBDN, 2xCVL, 2xCA, 2983 + ftrs 2xCE, 3xDD, 4xScout Second Fleet BTG-1 2xSDN, 1xBDN, 4xCA, 2xCE, 4xCL 4092 + ftrs BTG-2 1xSDN, 2xBDN, 2xBB, 2xBC+, 4418 + ftrs 1xCVL, 1xCE, 3xCL BTG-3 2xSDN, 1xBDN, 3xCA, 1xCE, 2xCL 3304 + ftrs CTG-1 2xCVA, 1xBDNE, 2xBB, 3xCA, 5026 + ftrs 11xDD, 5xFF, 4xScout CTG-2 1xCVA, 1xBDNE, 1xBDN, 2xBB, 6225 + ftrs 5xBC+, 2xCA, 3xCL, 4xDD, 4xDDG, 3xCT CTG-3 2xCVA, 1xBDNE, 1xBB, 1xCVL, 4075 + ftrs 3xCL, 4xDD, 1xDDG, 4xFF, 2xCT Third Fleet ("Strike" Fleet) BTG-1 1xSDN, 1xBDN, 1xBB, 3xCVL, 4089 + ftrs 2xCA, 2xCE, 3xCLG, 5xDDG BTG-2 2xSDN, 1xBDNE, 2xBDN, 1xBC+, 4411 + ftrs 4xCA BTG-3 1xSDN, 1xBDN, 1xBC, 1xCVL, 2509 + ftrs 1xCA, 1xCE CTG-1 Der Theuerdank 1xCVA, 1xBDN, 2xBC+, 2xCA, 4101 + ftrs 5xCL, 6xDD, 3xFF, 3xScout CTG-2 1xCVA, 2xBDN, 1xBB, 2xCVL, 3869 + ftrs 1xCE, 3xCL, 5xDD, 2xFF CTG-3 1xCVA, 1xBDNE, 2xCA, 1xCE, 2795 + ftrs 2xDD, 4xDDG, 3xFF, 3xScout CTG-4 2xCVA, 1xBDN, 1xBB, 2xCE, 4031 + ftrs 5xCL, 3xDD, 6xCT

NSL Notes: NSL Notes II: Ship Design Notes:

BDNE - Although the NSL had a good array of anti-missile/anti-fighter ships in their CLs and CEs, they were still hard-pressed by the FSE to cover all their valuable assets adequately. Plans were drawn up to create, as the NAC had done with their AEGIS-class battlecruisers, a heavier anti-missile/fighter platform. The Kreigsraumflotte admirals were split into a number of different camps as to the exact design specifications this new platform should take. The two strongest camps were the carrier group and the pure anti-missile/fighter proponents. A compromise was finally reached in which the new vessel would carry 2 fighter squadrons (satisfying the gap the NSL were feeling with their already limited light carriers) and have adequate anti-missile/fighter capabilities by mounting a suite of 5 PDS' and 2 area-defence firecontrol systems (satisfying the anti-missile/fighter proponents), with the rest of the hull design following the standard NSL philosophy: have the ability to go head-to-head with other ships of the line. Thus was born the BERLIN class defense cruiser.

First entered service: 2178
Currently in NSL service: 7
Lost in action: 1
Decommissioned/scrapped: Nil
Relegated to reserve fleet: Nil
Sold to other forces: Nil
Under construction: 3
Procurement cost: 5020 MUcr

CVL - While not many in number, the NSL do have a light carrier - the HAMBURG class. Like most all NSL vessels, this ship was meant to go up against its opposition directly, not hang back like NAC carriers do. Thus limited in its fighter-carrying capacity, it compensates for it with an offensive punch that makes the enemy take notice. The only 'drawback' to this is that the ship has the same armor value as the MARIA VON BURGUND-class battleships, although is has a Mass value of 30 greater than the same. Construction continues, however, if only to make up for combat losses suffered during the Third Solar War.

First entered service: 2170
Currently in NSL service: 12
Lost in action: 4
Decommissioned/scrapped: 1
Relegated to reserve fleet: Nil
Sold to other forces: 1
Under construction: 4
Procurement cost: 4730 MUcr

CLG - The NSL's attempt at a light missile boat, yet staying within their standard ship construction doctrine. It wasn't wildly successful. At this point the NSL has suspended further construction of this class, while they turn their attentions to a different kind of ship to take its place. The naming convention for this class is rather....sparse. It follows the old Earth U-boat/submarine convention, though some crews have taken to giving their vessel unofficial names.

First entered service: 2176
Currently in NSL service: 8
Lost in action: 6
Decommissioned/scrapped: 4
Relegated to reserve fleet: 1
Sold to other forces: 7
Under construction: Nil
Procurement cost: 1760 MUcr
Ships in class: MG-200, MG-201, MG-202, MG-203 (ACHERON), MG-204 (MEDUSA), MG-205, etc

Tactical Doctrines

updated: Oct 26, 1999