The Unofficial GZG Player Location Page

This page was put together to help enable those from The FT List to find each other and attempt to get together and play, has become a rather permenant feature. It is in no way comprehensive to the list members (not everyone on the list is interested in this), so only people who have publicly posted their locations (or asked me to put them on this list here) will show.

In order to have your information put on this list, simply drop me an email at (indy.kochte@Skip.UCE> - taking out the "Skip.UCE." bit, of course) with your name (or what you want to be called ;-), your email addr, and the city/state/country where you live. I'll update the page as soon as physically possible!

I'm not responsible for people moving and not updating their new locations; sorry. This is just to help out, but I can't do a high-maintenance run on it. I hope that this will help a few people find each other so they can get down and play. So if you move and want to remain current on the list, send me email!

Note: email addresses will be 'disguised' with added nonsense characters, to frustrate web bots which search pages for email addrs. For continuity's sake I will be adding the string 'Skip.UCE.' in the middle of email addresses ('uce' for those who don't know means 'unsolicited commercial email'). This is to prevent or help thwart those unscrupilous email address web-surfing searchers from getting your email address and adding it to their ever-growing chain of spam mailing lists. Please be advised that to send a msg to anyone listed here you will need to remove the string(s) from their address. I do this because I'm sick and tired of getting unwanted email alla time. I'm sure you are, or would be, too.

(conditional use: you may not use this list to go track down that pro-point/anti-point poster you have had an extended on-going 'discussion' over whatever topic you have been chatting about with the intent of beating them over the head with a bat...unless you are a Narn!)

(conditional use #2: please do not utilize this list to put together any sort of mailing list of your own for whatever reason, not without asking the individuals listed below for permission. It's primary and sole use is for people to locate other players. Thanks)

The links you see herein are not email/mailto: links, but rather links to homepages. The email address is right there for you to use on the page already. (come on, I'm not going to do everything for you! ;-)

New as of Nov, 2003: For any addresses in which someone reports is broken or no longer works I will flag in red. The address may only be temporarily busted, or permenantly gone. I don't know. At least the color-coding will give you a little advanced warning.

New as of Jan 2010: Bob Blanchett has decided to take the idea of a player locator and move it into the 21st Century (go Bob!). Check it out, send hiim updates. Converting this over to using google earth is a pretty smashing idea. Check it out. View Directory of Clubs, events, gaming groups and people playing Full Thrust, Stargrunt 2 and Dirtside 2 here.

Otherwise, what follows remains a very basic listing. No splashy graphics, nothing fancy. Just so's ya know. Updates can be mailed directly to me at (

World Regions you may check on:

(it should be reasonably obvious that if it's not linked above, I am not aware of any GZG players in that region of the world - and there may be, but they haven't stepped forward yet ;-)
United States: Canada Australia (Antipodean ;-) and vicinity ("Down Under") United Kingdom Japan Other Countries in/around Europe Other Places (that don't fit into the above lists)
I hope you were able to find someone from the FT/DS2/SG2 playlist here. I'm looking for folk, too!

Other Links:

Updated - Jan 31, 2010