Flash Report! League of Latin American Republics Invades the Anglian Confederation!

Saturday, 13 August, 2057

London, England – After nearly a week of discussions between the League of Latin American Republics and the Anglian Confederation over the who has the rights to the ex-United States territories of California, New Mexico, and Texas, talks abruptly ended last night. In the pre-dawn hours this morning, the League, under a storm of missile fire, exercised its military option and invaded the Anglian Confederation, completely overrunning all defenses that had been mobilized to that point.

“We knew they were up to something, with the maneuvers they had been doing of late,” stated Admiral Dewsbury, Lord Governor of the territory previously known as the United States, “but we really did not expect them to carry out their threat.”

Military analysts who had been monitoring the LLAR’s activities suggested that if anything occurred, it would be small scale border skirmishes. The Anglian Confederation military was not prepared for the unprecedented scale of this attack.

“Our response will be swift and hard. We are now at war,” declared Admiral Dewsbury.

In the attacks the LLAR forces rolled over AC defensive positions and have made incursions upwards of 70 miles into AC land. Many defending units were obliterated outright. The LLAR took very few prisoners during this initial assault.

A mixed company of Royal Guard and ex-US Rangers, who were stationed at an old monastery in the territory of southern Texas, managed to hold off LLAR attacks, but they have been totally cut off from outside assistance. Communications with the unit are completely down, but satellite imagery shows that intense fighting is still raging around the old church.

“Those are brave men and women,” said General Thresh, commander of the ground forces on the continent. “We are making our best efforts, but the attack was such a surprise that we will not be able to mobilize a relief effort before it is too late to help them.”

“I fear they will not last the night,” Thresh added softly.

Most of the Anglian Confederation Ready Reserves that survived the first few hours of the attack are currently embroiled with LLAR forces at the front line.

So far during this conflict nuclear weapons have not been deployed.

“It is an option we are considering,” stated General Thresh, “But we are loath to employ them except as a last resort.”

There has been no statement from the League of Latin American Republics about the invasion.