Fighting Breaks Out on Bretonneux

Tuesday, July 14, 2133

Estellan, Bretonneux (INN) - New Anglian citizens began fleeing Bretonneux after insurgents torched gendarme outposts and threatened new attacks in a spreading rebellion against the Federal Stats Europa earlier this morning.

In the town of Port du St Lucien, rebels burned down homes in a seaside neighborhood and fired weapons above the heads of residents who lept into the nearby ocean for safety. Two people were reported killed when they were unable to escape from their burning homes in time.

Citing mounting violence, the New Anglian Confederation urged more than 15,000 of its citizens to leave the planet while transportation was still available. Other governments have issued similar statements to their citizens.

The UNSC is organizing a small military team to assess the security of the UN Embassy and its staff.

The NAC is putting Special Operations teams on every flight in and outbound of Bretonneux. There are typically two flights from New Albion every day. NAC authorities are concerned about the possibility of a shuttle or spacecraft hijacking amid the clamor of people trying to get off the planet.

Broadcast stations reported that rebels torched the gendarme stations at the northeast border post of Neuveux Simone on Monday, and witnesses said security forces fled in fear from their posts in the northern town of Fort Liberte.

According to Jean-Marcel Darden, regional security coordinator for Bretonneux, the northern rebellion outbreak has killed dozens of people, including 20 gendarmes.

So far the orbital facilities remain unaffected by the rebellion.

During the early morning hours, 50-60 insurgents attacked a neighborhood in western Estellan, burning down a number of dwellings. While there were NAC civilians in the area, none were killed in the fighting and all managed to flee the area, seeking shelter and safety at the NAC Embassy.

"The Embassy is not equipped to handle the kind of volume of people that we are seeing," stated Frits Clarke, an official of the Embassy. "We were able to take the first hundred or so refugees, but we simply have no more room. We are urging our citizens to immediately leave the planet by whatever means necessary."

"Our government is sending relief ships to evacuate our citizens, but it will be a couple of days before they can be assembled and sent here," added Clarke. "With the rebels meeting almost no resistence, who knows what state things will be in by then?"

"These are all innocent people," said Allan Mejia, also of the Embassy. "They are not involved in the political conflict. And the local police are doing nothing to safeguard our citizens."

Early reports from FSE colony planets of Doullens and Compville indicate that rebellion activities broke out in those systems at virtually the same time as those on Bretonneux.

One rebel was overheard yelling during the violence in Port du St Lucien. "July 14 is the French 'Bastille Day'. But today, we make it our own Bastille Day!"