Friday, March 22, 2137

FORT OWEN, Lancelot - Royal Marine emergency personnel have sealed off the storage structure at Fort Owen's Chemical Agent Storage Yard where a virulent nerve agent vapor leak was detected earlier this morning. Responders attached a portable chemical agent filter to the structure's ventilation system which serves as an engineering control to the building. Ongoing monitoring outside the igloo has not detected the presence of the chemical agent.

In response to the initial alarm, workers at the nearby Fort Owen Chemical Neutralization Facility were temporarily relocated. When it was determined that the release was limited to the Chemical Agent Storage Yard, they were returned to their work stations. The Royal Marines Technical Escort Unit is continuing the investigation of the nature of the release.

Two Royal Marine responders were sent to the Fort Owen medical clinic for treatment due to heat exhaustion while wearing heavy protective clothing. After evaluation, one of them was transferred to the Atcliffe Medical Center in Riverton for further evaluation.

Additional details will be released as they are known.