Pirates captured after interplanetary pursuit

United Nations Interstellar Press
Wednesday, July 13, 2163

Ashi, Rumbambada (UNIP) - An Oceanic Union special ops team boarded a hijacked FSE freighter, ending a weeklong pursuit deep in interplanetary space that used the cooperative resources of several star nations.

The anti-piracy operation came to a dramatic end when members of Oceanic Union's Special Assault Service (SAS) stormed aboard the Federal Stats Europa freighter, Czech It Out, and after a brief firefight, arrested the pirates that had captured it.

The Pan African Union's Interplanetary Shipping Bureau (ISB) said the chase ended at 15:20 local time on Wednesday after OU and PAU naval vessels closed on the ship, which had been chartered by Fulton Shipping.

The ship had a crew of 14 and was carrying some 3500 tonnes of color changing paint, used for stealth markings on ground units, which the pirates had intended to sell on the black market. It had been hijacked on July 7th, shortly after leaving Rumbambada bound for New Lusaka.

A source in the space port of Ashi told the local media organization Village Pulse that the company was unaware of the safety or health of the crewmembers.

The Village Pulse quoted other sources as saying the OU Navy had put out a message saying "Crew safe." Although malnourished, all 14 of the original crew were still alive, locked away in one of the cargo holds.

The Czech It Out had been tracked by the ISB since being taken over by the pirates, helping OU and PAU forces locate and recover the vessel.

During the onboard fight to wrest control of the freighter from the hijackers, two pirates were killed and one OU SAS marine injured. His injuries are not reported to be life-threatening.

Meanwhile, the pirates continue to hold Rudolph Gundberg, captain of the FCT-owned freighter, More To Luv, held captive since June 23rd. The pirates are demanding 300,000 credits from the ship's owner for Gundberg's release. The Free Cal-Tex and Royal Dutch Commonwealth authorities are working to secure his freedom.

New Isreali Defence Force demonstrated this week their latest tactics at an anti-piracy conference on Salzburg. At the NAC port city of New Jeremiah, more than 150 shipping and law enforcement officials watched a mock operation by NI Interdiction Units simulating the rescue of a hijacked ship.