Neu Swabian League 'regrets' fatal naval skirmish

New Anglian Interstellar News Network
Friday, September 14, 2164

Falaise (INN) - The NSL government has changed its tack over a fatal naval clash last month, expressing "regret" to its long-time neighbor and adversary, the Federal Stats Europa.

The message marks the first conciliatory tone from Neu Berlin since the September 10th skirmish, and is only the third time the NSL has expressed remorse in recent memory in the decades of conflict with the FSE.

FSE leaders in Falaise swiftly welcomed the gesture as "highly significant", particularly since public opinion toward the NSL is worsening, and ties between the NSL and UNSC are at an all-time low.

FSE's Foreign Ministry says that the NSL are also proposing to resume working-level talks next month, in a swift change of tone one day after the NSL government warned of more troubles over a disputed spatial border.

"Feeling regretful for the unforeseen armed clash that occurred in the Falaise recently, we are of the view that both sides should make joint efforts to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents in the future," stated Holgar Baumann.

The statement on the worst conflict between the two nations in three years was sent to the FSE through a hotline at the truce city of Saint Pierre on the heavily armed FSE colony Pourquoi Pas.

Tensions between the FSE and NSL remain high despite the fact that they signed a peace treaty in 2154 during the Second Solar War, which killed millions on each side.

The announcement is a boost for FSE President Jean-Luc Yves who is a key proponent of engaging with the NSL, and has pursued his so-called "Starburst Policy".

A landmark summit earlier this year in June between the NSL and FSE leaders led to a flurry of resconstruction projects, including restoring trade links and family exchanges.

But Neu Berlin called off planned economic talks early in August, partly because of tension with the UNSC.

Thursday's move was a dramatic turnaround from the NSL's earlier brinkmanship on the class, which the isolationist state blamed on the FSE.

Just on Wednesday, Neu Berlin warned that naval clashes could break out again unless the UNSC abolished what the NSL called an illedgal border drawn between the two star nations near Neu Rhineland.

Neu Berlin declared the border invalid in 2162, and since then a series of skirmishes have broken out between the two navies.

NSL also suffered casualties in the latest navy battle, which killed 12 of FSE naval personnel and wounded 47 others.

President Yves demanded an apology and the punishment of those responsible. The ruling party's candidate in the december election to choose Yves' successor declared this week that the "Starburst Policy" of engagement had hit its limits.

The navy firefight was also cited by the UNSC as a reason why it postponed plans to send a high-level envoy to Neu Berlin to renew long-stalled dialogue.