UNSC VTOL That Disappeared 6 Months Ago Found

United Nations International Press (UNIP)
Wednesday, November 9, 2196

NOUVO TORINO (UNIP) - A UNSC SAR team has located the crash site of a UNSC Colonial Armed Forces VTOL that disappeared 6 months ago. The AV-55 "Aries" VTOL and crew were investigating reports of a Kra'Vak raiding party being sighted outside of the small community of Cassale. The AV-55 was last seen heading into the mountains and was not heard from again.

Preliminary findings do not indicate that the AV-55 was shot down. The investigators currently believe that it was operator error which caused the AV-55 to crash, but further investigation will continue on the chance that it was a hardware problem, or if indeed the "Aries" was brought down by weapons fire.

The bodies of the crewmen aboard the AV-55 were recovered and have been sent to Nuovo Torino for identification and burial.

After the disappearance of the AV-55 there were no further signs that there was any Kra'Vak activity in the region.