Tuesday, August 4, 2044

A recent poll of 200 8- to 16-year old kids concluded that kids are generally bored while waiting at spaceports. Asked what they'd like ot see installed in waiting areas, they responded: interactive holo-arcades, personal vid-sets attached to chairs, and big-screen holo-vids showing animated cartoon.

Other suggestions from the survey conducted by the Royal Architecture, Engineering, and Planning Committee, included: viewing devices to observe shuttles and starships as they launch and dock, tours of shuttles and planes, and archaic magicians for entertainment. What they liked least about spaceports: boredom, waiting for the shuttle or starship, checking in, pickup up baggage, and worrying about their parents getting lost.

Favorite spaceport foods are pizza, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and fresh fruits and vegetables. When asked who they'd like to sit next to during their flight, Olympic-class skier Fabrizio Contecci, the cult music group GZVerse Girls, and holo-vid star Elliot the Space Bunny beat out Prince Davis, who ranked fourth.


Tuesday, August 4, 2144
Yankees routed, 13-2, to start playoffs in New Albion

Curry Smith and Steve Gorgon hit bases-empty homers and the visiting London Astros clinched home-field advantage throughout the NACL playoffs last night with a 13-2 victory over the New Albany Yankees.

The Albion Astros will open the playoffs Tuesday at London Bridge Stadium against Vermont.

The defending Interstellar Series champions, 131-30, also guaranteed themselves at least a share of the NACL's best record. Meanwhile, Janice Summer became the first Astros manager to win 450 games in her first four seasons.

David Silverfield (16-4) won for the second time in 12 starts since pitching a perfect game against the Baltimore Blue Crabs on July 18.

Maria Rivers pitched the last 1-2/3 innings for London to earn her career-high 47th save in 51 opportunities. She hasn't allowed a run in her last 32 appearances.

The Astros' Jerry Straczynski left in the sixth with a bruised left flank and upper back after chasing a foul ball into the right-field corner and crashing into the outfield barrier.

Doctors said there was no injury, and Straczynski said with a couple of days' rest he should be fine.

"I'm sore, but I don't think there's anything to worry about," said Straczynski, adding that he had the wind knocked out of him.