FSE Ambassador A No-Show At UN Meeting

Wednesday, August 18, 2173

SUMANI IV (INN) - UN efforts to get the NAC, NSL, ESU, and FSE political forces to bring a resolve to the current Third Solar War suffered a blow Wednesday when Jacques de Birot, ambassador of the Federal Stats Europa, failed to turn up for a council meeting.

De Birot had not shown up for a meeting of the Sumani IV Peace Council more than an hour after it was due to start and officials at his office told Interstellar News Network he was off of the planet and would not be back until Monday.

The United Nations had billed Wednesday's meeting of the council, its highest advisory body on Sumani IV, as the first time all the major governments' ambassadors would come together.

De Birot had been away from Sumani IV for several days leading up to the meeting but the UN had given no indication it did not expect him to attend.

Jens Hermelin, the Neu Swabian League ambassador, walked out after 2 hours of waiting, stating the NSL would attend these peace talks again when the FSE ambassador felt like returning.

Boris Antonov, ambassador of the Eurasian Solar Union, had boycotted the first meeting of the council last month because he wanted his government to have more representation.