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FULL THRUST - a generic starship miniatures combat game, useful for a number of sci-fi combat situations.

As of June '99 this page has undergone some serious reorganizing. Still not a fancy-dancy page full of flashy lights, graphics or blinky things, but the large number of links to resources remain.  :-)

(With the publication of the EarthForce SourceBook, with Jon Tuffley's FT-varient rules for B5, my B5 houserules linked below have gone quite out of date. Plus a few others have been working on FleetBook variants to the B5 rules in the past year, whereas I just haven't had the time :-( )

Main FT Info Pages:

GZG Universe Entries: Indy's [old] B5-specific items: General Full Thrust links and stuff Starfleet Wars: Online PBeM games, tournies, etc: FT to ? Conversions: Contemporary Navy Info: FT Graphics Modelling: Other FT-related: DirtSide II & Stargrunt II!
Some misc game-related links, con pages, etc:

No, there's no webring stuff here. Nothing more to see; move along...

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Updated August 15, 2009

Many, but not all, of the broken links have been deleted or fixed. However, there are still a handful that might still be valid but I cannot get to for some reason.