Demo Scenario 9: In Search of the Victoria

The Victoria, the proud class-ship of the Victoria-class battleships in the NAC Navy, having seen a number of campaigns, a great deal of action, won many honors, and was the pride of the NAC flee, seems to have vanished while investigating the disappearance of several smaller vessels (merchant and naval) in the XXXXX system. The NAC Admirality wants to know what has happened to their prize ship and crew. And so sends out a task force to investigate. Only they discover several other parties are also interested in the going-ons in this sector of space...

# of players: many

Forces - NAC:

Forces - ESU: Forces - FSE: Forces - NSL: Forces - Other-1: Forces - Other-2: Special:

These Special Optional Core Systems will be used, but not the Optional Core Systems from the FleetBook.