Scenario 6: Eye of the Tiger

Cruiser squadrons from the 4 major powers clash.

# of players: 4 - 8

Forces - NAC:

Forces - ESU:

Forces - NSL:

Forces - FSE:

Set Up
Each side starts in a 'corner' of the board/map, clockwise: NAC, NSL, ESU, FSE. bracketing the center place 2 significantly large objects (stone, block, something about 4-6 mu across in size), about 12 mu apart (this happens to be taking place in an 'asteroid field').

    |FSE                 NSL|
    |                       |
    |        #1  #2         |
    |                       |
    |NAC                 ESU|
Each side sets up within 12 mu of their corner. Their ships can not be more than 4 mu apart. Starting speed is 8 for all ships. Facing is at the option of the players.

One of these two asteroids holds a 'valuable resource' (intelligence on the enemy, a cargo pod of material needed for construction of FTL engines, whatever). The GM randomly determines which asteroid has this 'valuable resource'. In order to determine which asteroid the resource is on, a given ship is required to be within 5 mu of the asteroid it wishes to scan and must have an unallocated [to combat] FireCon to scan with. A successful scan is performed on a 1-3 on a d6.

To retrieve the 'valuable resource', a given ship must spend 2 turns motionless within 2 mu of the asteroid (1 turn to send a shuttle down, 1 turn to retrieve the shuttle; the shuttle may not be fired upon by any ship).

Cooperation between powers is up to the players themselves. They can choose to do so, in order to beat off others, or choose to go it alone.

Should the ship carrying the 'valuable resource' be destroyed, the resource (amazingly enough) is not destroyed, but drifts through space along the same course and at the same speed as the ship that was carrying it. Other ships may attempt to retrieve the resource by being within 2 mu of the resource, and holding a relative velocity of '0' with the resource for 2 turns (again to allow the shuttle time to go out, retrieve, and return). If the resource leaves the table, no one may retrieve it and the mission is considered a failure. Compensate by destroying your enemies.

There is no real 'historical outcome' for this scenario. It's a fun little engagement pitting all four of the major powers from the Fleetbook against one another in a restricted arena of combat, with an objective other than to simply 'shoot them up'.