Scenario 3: The La Foudre-Greve Encounter

The FSE and NSL are at it again!

# of players: 4-6

Forces - FSE:

Forces - NSL: Set-up:
On a standard 4'x6' playing field, the NSL set up at one side, the FSE on the other. Initial speeds may be as great as 2x the thrust rating of a given ship. Facing at the option of the players. Fighters are deployed.

The FSE may choose between a mix of Interceptors, Multi-Role, and Torpedo fighters. The NSL may only choose between Interceptors and Multi-Role.

Victory Conditions
This is a straight-up, slug-em-out scenario. He who remains on board last with the most viable combat-capable ship wins.

Historical Outcome
The FSE barrelled for the wall of NSL, who had opted to slow to an utter crawl before the FSE force. The FSE were puzzled by this, but pressed their advantage: no way the NSL would be able to dodge their SMs at the creeping speed they were going!

As the two sides closed, the NSL opened up with long-range weapons fire, destroying the St Augustine. FSE fighters dashed out to engage the NSL elements and ravaged the Kaiser hans Beckert.

The next exchange of fire had the FSE picking at the lead ships of the NSL wall. SMs were planted well and targetted the behemoth Pingora. FSE fighters also dove in on her at the same time, but some were intercepted by NSL interceptors. A viscious furball ensued from which the NSL emerged victorious in fighter combat. The rest of the fighters by-passed the NSL interceptors and pressed home their attacks, drilling the Pingora good. The SMs just added to the fray, and crippled the ship.

On the FSE side, however, things were about as bad, only fleet-wide. The NSL had had some excellent gunners and laid waste to the Jean de Vienne and Tarn. FSE response was minimal, scratching the Eiger.

As the FSE closed, they planted more SMs in front of the Eiger, but she had help from the Kronprinz Rudi Schultz, and was only moderately damaged (barely). NSL interceptors tore up the remaining FSE fighters, but lost heavily themselves. The Bad Rappenau was destroyed by FSE fire, and the Bismarck was moderately damaged, but the FSE suffered heavily, losing Barcelona, with the Salathe' and La Foudre-Greve suffering moderate damage. The remaining FSE ships shot through the middle of the NSL formation, who were going much too slow to turn around fast and catch the FSE as they escaped. Parting shots from the FSE moderately damaged the Altensteig and finished off the Pingora. The rest of the NSL were essentially untouched.

Thus the FSE learned the lesson to never go head-to-head with an NSL wall.