Scenario 2: Encounter at Gliese 876

A NAC bloodhound patrol tracks down an ESU raiding party hiding in this cool star system.

# of players: 2-5

Forces - NAC:

Forces - ESU:

Set up:
The playing field is a 4'x6' (standard) table. The NAC set up within 12 inches on one side of the field, the ESU on the other. Facing at the option of the players. Ship starting speeds may be no more than 4x the base thrust rating of a given ship.

The NAC are using a heavy destroyer, not found in the FleetBook: the TUFFLEY class heavy destroyer. The stats and information of this destroyer class are as follows:

Mass 40, Ave Hull, Thrust-6, 4xClass-2 (FP/F/FS), FireCon, 1xPDS, FTL; 131 pts - TUFFLEY Class

DDH - A specialized heavy/attack destroyer, the TUFFLEYs were designed to operate in packs, much like wolves Their tactics evolved to the point where they acted like extra-huge fighter squadrons, and to this end they are extremely maneuverable, able to bring their guns to bear over a wide area. They generally require support ships, though, in most situations. They do not function well in independent operations. Against fighters and missiles they have limited defenses. Two dozen of these craft were sold to the UN.

(Miniature used is the RAFM 0653, 'Praying Mantis' )

Service Details

First entered service: 2175
Currently in NAC service: 170
Lost in action: 15
Decommissioned/scrapped: 3
Relegated to reserve fleet: 5
Sold to other forces: 30
Under construction: 7
Procurement cost: 1310 MUcr

Leaving the field: No one may activate their FTL drive unless they have taken heavy damage (ie, suffered hits to their third damage row) and still retain a functional FTL engine (you can try activating your FTL drive all you want if its been destroyed, you just won't go anywhere).

Victory Conditions:
THis is a pretty straight-forward, direct scenario. If the NAC are destroyed or driven from the field, the ESU are victors. If the ESU are destroyed or driven from the field, the NAC win.

Historical Outcome
After the NAC found the ESU raiding force, a sharp and brief slugfest ensued. The Kep ended up being utterly destroyed by massed NAC fire, but the Dauntless paid the price by being gutted from stem to stern. The Shanghai was rendered combat-ineffective (and unmanueverable, with her thrust engines totally down) and subsequently captured (after the battle was over), and the Sangiin Kherem managed to escape after suffering heavy damage. The Victoria took heavy damage from the final exchange, but the two NAC destroyers suffered only light damage each. The NAC collected survivors from both sides and retired back to their base for repairs.