Full Thrust Scenario 14: The Battle of Novizio Firenze

The NSL attempt a "quick strike" hit on an FSE colony's military station, but are barely intercepted by a hastily thrown together complement of FSE ships.

# of players: 2-4

Forces - NSL:

Forces - FSE:

Set Up:
The playing area is a 4'x6' table. The map floats. The base is placed 1' away from the FSE side of the table, along the centerline that would bisect the table lengthwise. All three initially available FSE ships may be placed anywhere within 2' of the base, facing any direction, speed 6.

The NSL ships set up within 2' of the NSL edge of the table, speed 12, facing as decided by the NSL player.

The FSE are scattered and will not all arrive at once. The FSE starts with the following ships on the table: CE , CL , DDH . For each of the rest of the ships roll 1d6. The number rolled is the turn on which that ship may arrive on the FSE end of the board (speed 12, facing at the option of the FSE player).

The FSE base is essentially the equivalent of a heavy cruiser-sized ship, but without the thrust and FTL drives. It has 3 SM launchers (pointing F, AS, and AP, each with 3-arc field of fire, of course), magazine capacity is 8, there are 3 PDS', 2xC1s, 2xC2s (6-arc), and 2xFireCon.

Victory Conditions
The winner is the side which destroys or chases off the other fleet. Think in macro-terms, your respective fleets don't have unlimited ships. Don't waste them for no reason or to just do it.


Historical Outcome