The Battle For Durango - A Dirtside II Scenario

The year is 2055. The Second Seccessionist War, America's Second Civil War, has been raging for five long and bloody years. It wasn't just a North-South thing at this point; every armed group of red-neck militia who were disgruntled with the way the American Government had been handling things for decades joined the fight against the provisional military government, which had taken over shortly after the assassination of President Amy Kowlowski.

The city of Durango, Colorado, had a long history of being a "gun-toting redneck" kind of town, and soon became one of the central staging areas and headquarters for various anti-government militia during the Second Civil War. The groups that controlled Durango had acquired the firepower to keep it for a long time. The provisional military government knew Durango was going to be a key point in case the League of Latin American Republics decided to capitalize on the confusion in the aftermath of this civil war and invade the SouthWest. Thus units from said provisional military government, along with combat forces from both the British and Canadians, set up a three-pronged attack. The first was a Canadian stop-gap force, that consisted of a heavy infantry brigade and two companies of light armour. They were air-lifted into Cortez and moved swiftly to take Mancos, held the pass to the east from any relief units that might come out of Durango, and seized all avenues of retreat from Durango to the west/southwest via Rtes 160 and 140. A larger force had painstakingly moved westward across Rte 160 after staging in Pagoda Springs, and was meant to draw off as much of the main combat units defending Durango as possible. This would allow the smaller, faster, third armoured force to rush south on Rte 550 from Ouray, through the passes surrounding Silverton, and dash down into Durango from the lightly-defended north, seizing the city with swift and decisive action.

Alas, reality did not always match up very well with the best-laid plans...

The Battle for Durango scenario explores the fighting that took place in the valley north of Durango, Colorado, during the Second Civil War. As the year is 2055, much of the fancy, high-tech systems and weapons listed in the Dirtside II rules are unavailable. MDCs and DFFGs were unavailable at this time, as are fusion plants and grav drives.

Players: 4-6
Complexity: intro-to-moderate; knowledge of the Dirtside II rules helpful.


Anglian Confederation (US Provisional Military Government, British 6th Army, Canadian Strike Force)

Durango Defense Coalition


The Durango Defense Coalition has limited artillery available to it (most of their arty is being directed at the larger force coming in from the East). At the beginning of each turn the DDC wishes to have an arty strike, roll 1d6. On a '1' they are granted an artillery strike of 1d4 arty units - for that turn only! If another arty strike is needed on a later turn, the DDC needs to roll again to see if they get it.

Historical Outcome: