Fog Of War

Before the coming of the Kra'Vak the Third Solar War wore its way through the Colonies. On New Bristol NAC and ESU forces were battling it out for ground supremacy. And while the overall objectives were clear, the individual missions necessarily weren't.

# of Players: 2-4

Each side gets between 1000 - 3500 pts worth of armor and infantry (to give each side an even chance, each side should have the same number of points). There are no VTOLs or aerospace available. See also Special, below, for other restrictions.

Set up:
Set up an urban area, woods, hills, road, and stream as indicated on the map. The 'featureless' or blank areas on the map are considered 'Open Terrain'.

Note that the road into town from the right side of the map used to have a bridge which spanned the stream. The bridge is gone, the road connection 'broken'. This is a standard 'River/Stream (Crossing'), which is considered 'Difficult Terrain'.

It should be decided between the players who starts on which side of the map at the time of the game, but before the Scenario Objectives are rolled.

Each side gets 3 dummy markers, 3 mine markers, and one Level 3 Objective Marker to place (randomly face down) in the Main Battle Area. These may or may not be needed, depending on the objective of each side. The valid Level 3 Objective Marker, if needed by a given side to achieve their objective, will be the first one found by whichever side finds it (the other Level 3 marker becomes a 'dummy' when found). Markers must be checked for when a unit stops within 1 mu of the marker. Otherwise the markers remain inverted (thus if a unit passes by a marker and it is a minefield, the unit is considered to somehow have avoided the minefield or found a path in it which is no longer mined). No marker can be within 3 mu of another marker.

When putting together the forces, each side may have no more than 2 troops (max 4 vehicles each) of GEV-mobile tanks.

No side may choose GRAV-mobile vehicles.

Each side must start with their forces within 4 mu of their baseline edge of the board. Not all their forces have to be on the board at the start. Any units not on the board at the start of the game may come on in subsequent turns, but it must be noted at what turn(s) these units will enter play, and from where (this is important only in that it may have an affect on the enemy's objective whatever that might be)

Each side starts out Steady (it's been a long, tiring war).

Each side starts out with a mix of Leadership chits equal to the number of troops/squads they have on their side plus 4 (ie, each side has 4 extra chits). In the Leadership chit mix should be one Veteran 2, one Veteran 1, two Green 2, two Blue 3, and one Blue 1. Before assigning chits, choose one unit (troop or squad) to be the company leader, then randomly assign chits.

Optional: each side may have 3 'standard' DirtSide II Medium Artillery Vehicles (Tracked) as OFF-TABLE ARTILLERY. Each side may attempt to call upon their artillery for a barrage as per 'Requesting Artillery Fire' rules in DSII. However, each side may only do this 3 times in a given game (the artillery is limited in their ammo supplies and have other missions besides covering your butts). Each artillery piece has 1 HEF, 1 MAK, and 1 Smoke round that they can deliver to this scenario.

Mine rules are in use (see the placement of markers, above)

It should be noted that the contours for the hills should be followed: ie, the closer the contours are together, the steeper the hillside. There are a few areas where the hills should be so steep as to be considered Impassable by anyone (infantry could probably rappel down/climb up them, but by the time they did so, several turns would have gone by).

Note that the stream actually comes out of the side of the hill in the upper right corner, about 3/4 of the way up, and is in that section a waterfall. The area there is Impassable Terrain, but it is a pretty spot to stop and have a picnic at...

Scenario Objectives and Victory Conditions:
Due to neither side knowing what the hell the other side is up to, each side must secretly roll 1d20 against the table below for their scenario objective and note this on a piece of paper to show the opponent at the end of the game.

Optional: Add 1 to the roll if the company leader has a Leadership 1 chit. Subtract 1 from the roll (0 = reroll) if the company leader has a Leadership 3 chit.

When an objective discusses a 'geographical feature' or 'location', the following are assumed to be features or locations:

Building(s) (town/urban area, must be on the far side from your Rear Area)
Wood Zone
Cross Road
The side which achieves their objective first wins. If an objective rolled for is not applicable, and no other options are given, then reroll until an objective which is applicable comes up.

  1. Destroy all size 1 and 2 units of the enemy and withdraw (if not applicable, reroll)
  2. Frustrate the enemy's plans (objectives) until turn 8 then withdraw.
  3. Destroy one complete enemy vehicle type (the most numerous one in the enemy's force; if a tie, roll between them)
  4. Destroy all size 4 or 5 units of the enemy and withdraw (if not applicable, reroll)
  5. Take possession/control of a geographical feature in the Main Battle Area and keep possession for 3 turns (ie, no enemy units in/on feature). Withdraw.
  6. Drive at least half (or more) of your ground forces into the backfield of the enemy and survive intact for 2 turns.
  7. Destroy all infantry-carrying vehicles of the enemy; otherwise all size-3 vehicles
  8. Take control/possession of 2 geographic locations not in your Rear Area. Keep possession for 3 turns (ie, no enemy units in/on location). Withdraw.
  9. Preserve 1/2 of your forces to the end of the game (game lasts 8 turns in this case, unless the enemy achieves their objective first). But you must enter the Main Battle Area with 3/4 of your force; no 'hiding' in your Rear Area.
  10. Defend a given geographical feature in the Main Battle Area (you may start with 1 unit dug in on/in this geographical feature)
  11. Destroy all size 3 units of the enemy and withdraw (if not applicable, reroll)
  12. Escort a convoy to the town/urban area, starting in the far opposite corner of the board in your Rear Area. Remain in the town/urban area for a total of 1 turn, then get back across the board to where you entered. With the convoy, of course. The convoy should consist of 10 tracked or wheeled non-combat vehicles.
  13. Destroy or drive off all enemy units
  14. Pick up espionage agent who is hiding at a spot denoted by the Level 3 Objective Marker
  15. Get within 12 mu of all enemy forces (on the board) and get out with the information collected on them.
  16. Defend 2 geographical features in the Main Battle Area (you may start with a total of 2 units dug in on/in these geographical features)
  17. Starting from one corner of your Rear Area, escort a convoy to the far opposite corner (enemy's Rear Area) and leave the map with at least 1/2 of the convoy's original number.
  18. Set up an ambush. You may have up to 1 unit (troop/squad) preplaced hidden, in the Main Battle Area. They are considered 'dug in' if they fire and don't move; they are also no longer 'hidden'. If the enemy is 11 mu or less, roll 1d12. If the result is greater than the number of mu distance between the units, the unit has been discovered (it no longer can be hidden).
  19. Roll again
  20. Choose objective
  21. Roll twice again; reroll if second (and subsequent) rolls are the same as the first, until you have 2 seperate objectives.

Vehicle Stats Cards

Name: AT-C4 Type: Armoured Transport
Size Class: Medium
Mobility Type: Slow Tracked
Basic Move: 8"
FireCon: none
Basic Signature: 3
Stealth Level: -
Effective Target Die: d8
ECM: -
Armour Front: 2
Armour Side: 1
Other Equipment/Notes:
HMT engine
Can carry 15 pts cargo material
Points Value: 39

Name: UT-C71 Type: Unarmed Transport Vehicle
Size Class: Medium
Mobility Type: Low-mobility Wheeled
Basic Move: 10"
FireCon: none
Basic Signature: 3
Stealth Level: -
Effective Target Die: d8
ECM: -
Armour Front: 0
Armour Side: 0
Other Equipment/Notes:
HMT engine
can carry 10 pts cargo
Points Value: 23