Indy's Unofficial GZG Civilian Ship Registery

This table contains a number of names, nationalities, etc for freighters, liners, Q-Ships, etc in the GZG Universe. For fun (and just 'cause I wanna) I've also started to include science/research-type vessels (well, they are under civilian jurisdiction nominally (or maybe an offshoot of a military branch), and having some can give options for using them in future scenarios - no? :)

Q-Ships, while really under military/naval jurisdiction, are included here as they seem to 'fall' into this table easier than anywhere else - and makes life a little easier than drumming up a seperate Q-Ship page! If you disagree.....sorry!

Ship Name Ship Type Nationality/Government
Turmoil Tug NAC
Flying Enterprise II Freighter UN
Sentinel II Freighter NAC
R.U. Ready Freighter x
Space Truckin' Freighter FCT
Mrs Robinson Armed Freighter FCT
The Day Tripper Freighter FCT
Texas Chainsaw Cheerleader Armed Freighter FCT
California Express Freighter/Liner FCT
C My Toy Freighter FCT
Miss Doe Meener Freighter FCT
More 2 Luv Freighter FCT
Crystal City Liner UN/FCT
Snow White Liner FCT
Flight Of The Challenger Liner FCT
Just Blessed Freighter FCT
Seasoned In The Sun Freighter FCT
Sunblessed Freighter FCT
No Surrender Q-Ship FCT
Walla Walla Liner FCT
Non Mi Piace
(I don't like it)
Freighter FSE
Che Cosa Ha Detto
(What did you say?)
Q-Ship FSE
Non Ci Credo
(I don't think so)
Q-Ship FSE
Noi L'Abbiamo
(We got it)
Freighter FSE
Star Princess Liner Most all
Titanothere Freighter FSE
Ancient Mariner Freighter Most all
Nick's Trick Freighter FSE
St Vitus' Dance Liner FSE
Merci Mi Freighter FSE
Miners Are People Too Freighter FSE
Sparrow Liner NSL/UN
Enlightened Freighter FSE
Penny Lane Freighter NSL
Shaved Bum Freighter FSE
Garfield Freighter FSE
El Indio Freighter FSE
The Monarch Liner NAC/NSL
Czech It Out Freighter FSE
The Bastille Q-Ship FSE
David Q-Ship NI
Pink Panther Freighter FSE
Body By Jake Freighter
Where God Changed His Oil Freighter NI
Casual Cruise Freighter
Seeking The Higher Path Freighter NI
Bull In A China Shop Q-Ship
Dream Weaver Liner Most all
Astral Traveller Liner
Sky Dancer Liner
Rug Monkey Freighter
Les Invisibles Q-Ship Carrier FSE
Del Rio's Song Liner FSE
Killer Of Giants Q-Ship
Paseo De Gracia Freighter FSE
Crystal Express Liner/Freighter Most all
Mona Lisa Liner FSE
Simple J Malarky Freighter
Della Notte
(Of The Night)
Liner FSE
Sevicio de Cambio de Cheques
Check Cashing Services)
Freighter FSE
Kinosha Liner PAU/NSL
Ecstacy Freighter
La Bella Vista Liner FSE
Kosher Kritter Liner NI
Krusher Kritter Q-Ship NI
Columbus Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Magellan Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Kepler Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Galileo Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Ptolemy Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Shackleton Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Discovery Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Voyager Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Deep Explorer Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Surveyor Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Da Vinci Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Science/Survey Vessel Most all
Bitchy Virgin Freighter FSE
J'Accuse Freighter FSE
Sundance Liner
Moondance Liner
Dum Dum Girl Freighter PAU
Electric Requiem Freighter PAU
Lorelei Liner Most all
Emden Freighter LLAR
Atol Atlantic Freighter FSE
SightSeer Liner UN
Argosy Rocks Liner UN
Asphalt Victory Freighter UN
Won't Get Foiled Again Freighter UN
Controlled Bleeding Freighter UN
The Afterthought Freighter UN
Foreign Affair Q-Ship UN
Bird Of Prey Q-Ship UN
Vision Quest Freighter UN
Stephanie's Tears Freighter UN
White Lightning Q-Ship UN
The Angel's Crest Liner UN
Lonely Thunder Q-Ship UN
The Seventh Sign Q-Ship UN
Carl Sagan Science/Survey Vessel UN
Albatross IV Science/Survey Vessel UN
Strictly From Nowhere Freighter UN
Midnight Cowboy Liner UN
Jim's Gem Freighter/Liner UN
Ytse Jam Q-Ship UN
Crystal Ball Liner UN
The Carousel Liner UN
Cape Alexander Freighter UN
Cape Avinof Freighter UN
Antares Q-Ship UN
Algol Q-Ship UN
Bellatrix Q-Ship UN
Denebola Q-Ship UN
Pollux Q-Ship UN
Regulus Q-Ship UN
Capella Q-Ship UN
Altair Q-Ship UN
Asian Vision Freighter UN
Exchange Military Freighter UN
Trade Military Freighter UN
Resource Military Freighter UN
Market Military Freighter UN
Finance Military Freighter UN
Commerce Military Freighter UN
McLean Military Freighter UN
Galloway Military Freighter UN
Yawning Angel Freighter NAC
No Tan Line Freighter NAC
Scarab Freighter NAC
Bound For GLory Freighter NAC
Victoria Bay Freighter NAC
Perfidious Albion Freighter NAC
Avalon Connection Liner NAC
The Daily Planet Freighter NAC
Diedre Q-Ship NAC
Partners In Crime Freighter NAC
Whirlwind Q-Ship NAC
Not Your Normal Nightmare Freighter NAC
Dream Of White Kittens Freighter NAC
Silver Surfer Liner NAC
The World's Toughest Milkman Armed Freighter NAC
Poster Boy Freighter NAC
The Seventh Dwarf Q-Ship NAC
Flight Of The Fledglings Q-Ship Carrier NAC
Werewolf Of London Q-Ship NAC
The Jade Star Liner NAC
Gender Neutral Freighter NAC
Christa's Revenge Armed Freighter NAC
Attitude Adjustment Q-Ship NAC
Marshall's Madness Freighter NAC
Edinburg II Science/Survey Vessel NAC
Horseman NAC Freighter
Beyond The Fringe Freighter NAC
Dragula Freighter NAC
King Nothing Freighter NAC
Ammonia Avenue Freighter NAC
Puppies On Acid Freighter NAC
Wildest Dreams Freighter NAC
Scarecrow Q-Ship NAC
Jolly W Brown Q-Ship NAC
Came To Believe Freighter NAC
Lady O Freighter NAC
Mixed Nuts Freighter NAC
Quietly Confident Q-Ship NAC
Lady Albion Liner NAC
And Now For Something Completely Different Freighter NAC
The Planet Provides Freighter NAC
Awannaduya Freighter NAC
Public Image Freighter NAC
Last Ship To Hicksville Freighter NAC
Sea Of Diamonds Liner NSL
Jacob's Other Ladder Freighter NSL
Poor Man's Critter Freighter NSL
Hamburg Freighter NSL
Arbutus One Q-Ship NSL
Arbutus Two Q-Ship NSL
Madame Grunnebaum's Wulst Freighter NSL
Faithful Journey Liner/Freighter NSL
Moonlight Liner NSL
Vision Thing Freighter NSL
Bad Attitude Q-Ship NSL
Suite Madame Blue Freighter NSL
Midnight Ride Freighter NSL
Bad Animals Freighter NSL
Axion I Freighter NSL
Credo Freighter NSL
Ultraviolet Dream Liner NSL
Absolutely Relevant Freighter NSL
Break Even Freighter NSL
The Grim Reaper Q-Ship NSL
Miss Led Freighter NSL
Hunter's Moon Q-Ship NSL
Magic Carpet Ride Liner NSL
Bad Cop No Donut Freighter NSL
Ugly Dwarf Freighter NSL
Into The Void Freighter NSL
Take No Prisoners Q-Ship ESU
Dancing In The Light Liner ESU
Magical Child Freighter ESU
Lemming Condition Freighter ESU
Golden Mongrel Freighter ESU
The Emerald Eye Liner ESU
The Emerald Dragon Q-Ship ESU
The Dragon's Bamboo Freighter/Liner ESU
Toying With My Affections Freighter ESU
Dimitri's Nightmare Freighter ESU
Laughing Man Liner ESU
Cascading Crystal Kaleidoscope Liner ESU
Dragon Lady Liner ESU
Underground Ecomony Freighter ESU
The Northern Lights Liner ESU
Eurasian Eyes Freighter ESU
Astrologger Freighter ESU
Unfinished Symphony Freighter ESU
Suits Me Freighter
Me Too Freighter
Dream Come True Liner/Freighter
Secret Vorlon Aid Freighter NAC
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Last updated: August 16, 1999