Wabbit Hunt

This scenario is intended for the campaign/tourny elsewhere in this web of B-Tech documents. But feel free to use it as a standalone scenario (just try to make sure each side has same tonnage of 'Mechs).


Need two river maps and two woods/open terrain maps, set up parallel, length-wise, and in mirror-imaged. Set the maps up as follows:

           open/woods        river map
  ^      |               ||....   ...  ...|
  |      |               ||    ...   ..   |
enemy    |_______________||_______________|border
friendly |---------------||---------------|  zone
   |     |   ..   ...    ||               |
   v     |...  ...   ....||               |
           river map        open/woods
Once the maps are set, roll for initiative to determine who sets up first. Winner of initiative choses if they wish to set up first or second. Once this has been determined, alternate sides, with each side setting up one 'Mech at a time until all 'Mechs are completely set up. Each side gets 6 Wabbits which are set up along with each player's 'Mechs.

The scenario ends after 10 turns

Wabbits are unmanned mini-'Mechs. They can take 10 hits before being destroyed. They carry no weapons, and have no critical internal hits or armor. They have a movement of 8-12-8. Each Wabbit must enter enemy territory at least once during the course of the scenario, and count for aggressor points.

Scenario Objective

Very simple. Kill the enemy wabbits. And reduce the opponent 'Mechs to slag.

Victory Conditions and Point Allocations

For kill points see campaign/tourny rules.

Wabbits are worth 1/2 kill point.

Aggressor Objective: total the number of surviving friendly 'Mechs and Wabbits in enemy territory at the end of each turn. Total up all the turns after the game ends. The side with the largest number gains a +1/4 pt to each surviving friendly 'Mech.

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